Our assessments are tools that take a snapshot at a point in time. They produce actionable insights that can be leveraged in many different ways, they provide the intel to strategically and effectively make changes, mobilize and organize people, elevate personal efficiency, etc. 

The Profile Evaluation System® (PES)

Profile Evaluation System enables you to know about the Mental Aptitudes and Personality Dimensions of the applicant, which play a major role in their work output and progress. Define the ideal talent sets you to require, ask applicants or employees to complete the online assessment, and get detailed coaching, hiring and personal reports. The Profile clearly identifies strengths and development needs. This not only helps you hire the right fit but also empowers you to assist employees to grow into the position to which they are best suited or most interested.


  • Eliminates trial and error in placement.

  • Saves time and money in the selection and training of the right person for the right position.

  • Reduces turnover, absenteeism and waste.

  • Increases Productivity and Profit.

  • Identifies specific training needs.

  • Provides management with coaching guidelines for effective employee feedback.

  • The Profile System is low cost and easy to administer.


    A 360 Analysis of Management Strengths and Developmental Needs.

    The Development Needs Inventory was designed to help leaders understand their strengths and development needs better. This customizable assessment consists of 9 Bases and 6 Optional Scales. When combined with a facilitated interpretation and feedback session, the DNI results provide participants with a sound basis for setting development goals and tracking developmental improvement over time. This information facilitates individual growth and progress, increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization.

    The DNI serves 3 purposes:

    • To help you better understand your own managerial practices. This understanding will provide a basis for increasing your effectiveness as a leader and for planning your own career more realistically.
    • To help you understand how other persons in the organization view your leadership practices – that is, to help you understand whether you see yourself as others see you. Armed with these insights, you can test the validity of your own self-perceptions, improve your human relations, lead and manage more effectively, and plan your career more realistically.
    • To serve as a basis for setting personal development goals and for tracking your development over a period of time.

    Development Needs Inventory™ (DNi™)

    Organizational Needs Inventory® (ONI®)

    The ONI is a work-smart tool that is unbiased, confidential, and provides a comprehensive diagnosis of an Organization.

    The ONI measures your structure today compared to the ideal of tomorrow. This tool can help you implement productive changes so that everyone in your company is motivated and moving in the same direction.

    Want to be aware of your Organization’s culture? ONI will give you The Organizational Needs Inventory® (ONI) allows for everyone’s input. It gives leaders a current picture of what the Organization looks like in terms of its people and their perceptions. It sets a benchmark for the management team’s leadership and provides a clear measurement of success into the future.

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