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Canada’s Premier Leadership Development Resource.


To enthusiastically and successfully implement the LMI proven process causing every client to realize a minimum 10:1 return on investment


To motivate people to their full potential through clarifying and achieving goals, developing a positive attitude, and enhancing leadership ability.

LMI Advantage

LMI Advantage, in a Licensed partnership with LMI Canada, is a performance excellence firm that enables leaders to create an environment for optimal team performance, accountability, and results.

Jorge Gamboa


Jorge Gamboa

Jorge is the Founder and CEO of LMI Advantage and an LMI Licensee owner.  A certified LMI Facilitator with an extensive background building high-performance teams and leading strategic high-profile initiatives for Fortune 500 as well as start-up companies.

‘… Through my life I have worked for amazing people, great leaders, strong managers and just as well I have experienced the sour side of not so great situations.

One pattern that I have run into over and over is when people are faced with an amazing situation but play it small, play it safe as opposed to rising up and charging ahead. 

I found LMI is the vehicle that helps individuals unlock their potential, not only to dream bigger, but also to take decisive action. And once I witness the change, the transformation, the results! well, it is beautiful! …” – Jorge

Jorge is the host of the “Unstoppable Leaders” podcast

Jorge has a background in Computer Science, combined with an MBA from Schulich School of Business, a Project Management Professional with PMI  and a Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SAFe SPC 5.1). Currently lives in Ajax, Ontario and any given Sunday transforms into a cheesehead cheering for the Green Bay Packers: GO PACK GO!

LMI Canada

Frank Kreze

Frank Kreze


Leadership Management International

Paul J. Meyer

Paul J. Meyer


Randy Slechta

Randy Slechta

President & CEO

People Come First

Treat everyone with dignity and respect and always provide world-class service.

Profit Mindset

The earning of profit is something more than an incident of success. It is an essential condition of success.


Having a true passion for the LMI Concept and Process, the heart and soul of our business.

Product of
the Product

Being a good example of a leader and model to ourselves and Partners with a servant’s heart; doing the right thing; doing what we say we will do.

Personal Responsibility
and Accountability

Support each team member in all endeavours. Have a teamwork attitude. Hold each other and ourselves accountable for what we say and do.

Planning for

Make the time as an organization to plan for results. A well thought out plan predicts challenges and obstacles in long-term planning. The best decisions and greatest achievements are based on planning, brainstorming, and research.



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