Effective Personal Productivity Report


The COVID Pandemic has changed the way we work as people have developed new habits and attitudes that may impact their productivity.  Some of the scenarios that your organization may be facing include:

  • Individuals who were high-performers before the pandemic who are not performing at the same levels
  • High potential persons that you want to develop into stronger performers
  • Invest with certainty in key people to continue building the success of your organization

The results a person produces are the consequences of out behaviours, the things we do, our actions.

Personal productivity is working on the right things, doing the right things and getting the RIGHT kind of results!

We are offering to qualified businesses our complimentary, no-obligation, Effective Personal Productivity (EPP) report offer. It requires two 1-hour sessions with Jorge via zoom

This report will include for each of the nominated individuals a clear actionable approach to increase their results in their number one pre-determined business goal; generating increased measurable results over a period of 5 months.

A collaborative session where together you and Jorge will:

  • Learn about LMI and the benefits of the Effective Personal Productivity Report
  • Answer some questions to identify up to 3 nominated participants for this report
  • Discovery of the path to unlocking the effective personal productivity for each participant


Walkthrough the Effective Personal Productivity Report

  • Individual implementation of the Success Chain for each nominated participant
  • An actionable game plan that you can implement by yourself or by partnering with us
  • Clarity of what success looks like when you nominate your best people to participate in LMI Programs


We are looking for the elite, the best of the best ... we'll make you better!