The LMI Process


Before commencing the Total Leader® programme, participants will be invited to undertake an advanced scientific assessment to better understand their mental abilities, their interests & motivations and their personality.

Time to change

We believe the personal and business aspects of your life will benefit from a long-term commitment to goal-setting. But we believe permanent change takes time, which is why our programmes are delivered over months, not covered in an afternoon or a weekend. This approach delivers measurable results, with a quantifiable return on your investment.

Results delivered

Every LMI programme is designed to nurture the talent within an individual. We help people develop and be all they can be, by changing their habits and attitudes. We help change the way people act, behave and think. Permanently.

The LMI approach to effective leadership development allows busy managers and supervisors to understand what is possible and the benefits they can expect by completing one, or all of our programmes on route to becoming the Total Leader® their organisation needs.

Coaching session

There is huge benefit in the regular coaching sessions, with our experienced facilitators ready to lead group or one-on-one discussions to review written action steps and measure progress against stated goals of the individual.

Our programmes are well-structured, but these coaching sessions are a good opportunity for participants to raise the challenges they face at work. This helps the programme facilitator better understand the context of how the Total Leader® solution can be tailored to the unique requirements of the individual.

Multi-sensory learning

Our programmes are designed to appeal to more of your senses, again to help the process of permanent change. By reading lessons and writing notes on the pages, then listening to audio files of the same lessons, information is more easily retained over the long term.

We always encourage hand writing notes rather than typing digital files because experience shows us more important information is retained and it helps the process of changing attitudes and behaviours. Permanently.

Process management and feedback

The end of each lesson features an Application and Action section, designed to stimulate discussion of the lesson material to elicit personal insights from participants, to help contextualise the programme.

A Plan of Action is included, which will help programme participants turn what they have learned into actions as they begin the transformative process of becoming a better leader and becoming a Total Person.

A mid-term and final evaluation is conducted to review progress and results. A final graduation presentation is given by the participant at the end of the programme.

Spaced repetition

One of the first to recognise the power of spaced repetition to improve retention of learning in the field of people development, LMI has delivered success for more than 50 years. Participants in our programmes explain that concepts not immediately clear, become more so as they progress through the programme.

Process management and feedback

Our goal is always to achieve tangible personal and business results for clients. Isn’t it time you made the investment, nurtured the talent within and fulfilled your true potential or that of the people that will make a difference to the future of your organization?

Why our approach works

Our programs are designed to empower people to take responsibility for their own actions. Throughout the chosen program, each participant will build their personal and business goals in order to achieve the overall objective.

These goals may be in several different areas of the individual’s life and their goals program will definitely involve some degree of attitude change prior to the necessary behavioural change.

Once people start to think differently, they will begin to act differently. It is this process that leads to a shift in organisational culture.

Throughout each program, the participants are challenged to measure, monitor and report what they do and what results they obtained from those actions. They are encouraged to be honest.

We are available every step of the way to support, advise and challenge, to ensure competence and confidence are developed. It is this constant tracking that will ultimately lead to positive measurable and eventually visible results.

During the facilitation and development process, we explore with relevant participants, the future direction and role of their organisation or department. We also determine the role of the participant as a part of the wider organisation.

Our role in this process is one of facilitator, not of a director. We recognise that the people most qualified to make these decisions, are the participants themselves.

The LMI Guarantee

 If the LMI Process Doesn’t Foster Stronger Leadership, You Don’t Pay

We have such strong faith in the  LMI Process  – a process discovered, developed and tested by our founder  Paul J. Meyer  – that we’ll fully refund your investment in an open public program if you don’t believe you’re seeing marked personal or employee improvement.  

You came to us for help and at the end of the day, we’re only happy if you’re happy. We told you the LMI Process would work and we truly believe our  developmental programs  are cutting-edge and industry-leading programs that get incredible results. We know we can help you, but our guarantee exists to ease your mind and make the decision to work with us that much easier. With the guarantee, what do you have to lose?  

The Fine Print:

The guarantee itself offers a full refund of your investment to LMI in an open public program. This requires that you attend all scheduled sessions, complete all assignments and actively participate in the LMI Process as outlined in the signed Mutual Commitment Agreement. After all, the LMI Process is not a magic elixir – it does require your time, energy and hard work to achieve optimal results. However, if, by mid-term of your program, you’ve fulfilled your obligation and completed all tasks to the best of your ability but are not demonstrating any behaviour/attitude growth or moving towards the results outlined in the signed Mutual Commitment Agreement, your investment will be fully refunded, upon the return of all material we’ve issued to you.

At LMI, we feel confident in offering our customers this guarantee because we know our process and our developmental programs work. If a guarantee makes it easier for you to commit to working with us, then we’re happy to give you that option in exchange for trusting us with your leadership development.

It is understood that when a company progresses to private in-house work with LMI they are confident in the process; therefore, the guarantee is no longer applicable.




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